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The vision of growth has been tall since GLOIND IMPEX the organization proclaimed it with their sprightly transaction in import and export. Established in the heart of Gujarat, from the contribution of two successful import-export leaders - Aman Kumar. With their absolute aim of achieving higher business targets by maintaining quality performance and offering diverse services, they are successful in concreting the position of GLOIND IMPEX. Ltd. as one of the genuine and trusted Indian export organization.

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There are different varieties of standards in spices that make a change in taste and there’s where you need to choose the quality. The high ranges of Kerala have long been known as the best place to cultivate and produce spices. It’s been easy nowadays to get Kerala spices online. We in Green Spices deliver all Indian spices online directly from the farmer to your home without compromising in the quality. You can discover each flavor you need that makes your kitchen into an expert’s kitchen. The high quality of our spices is just perfect for homemakers and the professional cooks.


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Entice yourself with delicious spices in your meal!

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We supply all organic spice from farm ...

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Our Vision

From the commencement of the company, we have always stuck to our principle is “-The Quality We Trust-” Our Vision is to provide the utmost quality products at the most competitive price with an aim to create a healthy nation and the healthy world. To accomplish our objectives, we strives to continuously improve the quality of our products to make it the best quality products of the world.

Our Mission

We want to deliver value to the customer, be profitable and establish leadership in core markets. The Group strives diversification and expansion of the product portfolio. We want to command top of mind recall with the consumer by ensuring effective brand promotion strategies also focus on increasing the Group's Global Footprint by venturing into new markets and at the same time, forgive fruitful alliances with entities operating within the same plane.

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